Body Treatments

The Body Glowing

Back Facial – $95.00

The skin on your back will be carefully examined, followed by a custom cleansing using hot towels and specially selected products to prepare for exfoliation. If necessary, extractions will be done to relieve clogged pores. A relaxing back massage tones the muscles and prepares the skin for rehydration. This treatment combines the benefits of rehydration with the luxury of a back massage.

The Body Envelopments

Herbal Detoxification & Toning Wraps – $110.00

An encasing of the entire body with warm European Herbal Wraps that aid in the process of eliminating toxins, impurities, cellulite, and inches. Additionally, they increase elasticity and firm the skin tissues. Your body emerges exceptionally soft and toned. Lose 3-10 inches through out your body. Perfect with a weight loss program or an instant fix for an occasion.

French Slimming Treatment w/Mini Facial – $195.00

French Algae is applied to the entire body. Following by a thermal treatment, which increases metabolic activity and eliminates toxins from the deep layers of the skin. Highly recommended for general slimming and toning of lose skin. After a soothing steam shower, a delightful application of French Toning cream concludes this rich body treatment.

Alexander’s Dead Sea Mud Cure w/Mini Facial – $195.00

Perfect treatment for anyone suffering from the following ailments: psoriases, joint muscles aches, osteoarthritis, or general tension. We use 100% pure Dead Sea Mud which is known, world wide, for its beneficial properties. The Mud contains 32% more minerals than any other Mud on earth; therefore, it contains no bacteria. Minerals include Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Chlorides, Carbonates, Magnesium, Potassium, Bromides, Sulfates, and Lithium. The High degree of heat, generated, by the Dead Sea mineral compounds, will include a feeling of comforting relaxation. It cannot be used on clients with the following conditions: sunburns, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and alcoholism. The body is slathered with warm Dead Sea Mud and wrapped by a special process. After an invigorating steam shower, the skin is massaged with Herb Gel that contains herbal extracts.

Paraffin Body Mask – $110.00

Steam Shower – $20.00

Solar Body Bronzing – $95.00

This is an excellent treatment for the entire body. Our Esthetician will perform a dry body brushing to remove dead skin cells to refine and prepare the skin for the Alexander’s  safe sunless bronzing lotion. The cream is applied evenly over the entire body. This process can be used to even out an existing tan, or to give the appearance of returning from a deep Caribbean vacation.  A great way to fight off the  grey weather blahs. To maintain your tan,  self-tanning products are available to purchase.

Spa Exfoliation – $95.00

For healthy, radiant glow! Your body is warmed, soothed, massaged, soaked, and pampered with natural scrubs and plant oils, gently buffing delicate skin to a smooth finish. This treatment is followed by a gentle steam shower and an application of Body cream. Nurturing for sensitive skin types.

Wellness Body Fitness (spa hour) – $69.00

Rejuvenate you skin  with a Dry Body Brushing that will exfoliate DEAD DRY SKIN. This is followed by a relaxing application of lotion that will hydrate and nourish to encourage body wellness.

Salt Glo – $95.00

An invigorating scrub with Salts and Aromatic oils. It stimulates the circulation while removing dead skin cells. This is followed by a steam shower and a smooth application of Gel Aromatique. Refining for all skin types.

Spa Polish – $130.00

Pure French Laminara Algae and Essential oils Gently slough away dryness. The outer, cutaneous, skin tissue is enriched with minerals and is generated and stimulated. The entire body is hand buffed with mittens of soft fibers, bringing new, delicate, young skin to the surface. This luxurious treatment is followed by a gentle steam shower. Afterwards, a French Algae Cream is gently applied to the entire body. Luxurious for all skin types.

Peppermint Twist Body Wrap (spa hour) – $125.00

Relax and detoxify with a relaxing body wrap of cool refreshing peppermint solution. Your body is totally wrapped with hydrated bandages which are left on for about 30 minutes before they are removed. Stimulating, helps to detoxify and rid the body of accumulated toxins, hydrating, nourishing to the skin, oxygenating, helps to improve circulation.  Once your wrap is completed your service is  continued with a Seaweed lotion..  This is one of our most popular treatments.



  • European Tweeze Method – $40.00
  • Eye Brow Design – $30.00 first time… rebook price is $20.00 if done within 4 weeks
  • Upper Lip – $20.00
  • Chin – $20.00
  • Neck -$30.00
  • Sideburns -$20.00
  • Bikini -$35.00
  • Brazilian, First Time -starts at $75.00
  • Brazilian, Maintenance (within 5 weeks) -$60.00
  • Underarms -$30.00
  • Arms (Half) -$30.00
  • Arms (Full) -$50.00
  • Back or Chest – starting at $75.00
  • Ankle to Knee -$35.00
  • Complete Leg w/Bikini -$100.00
  • Full Leg -$75.00
  • Manscaping (Men’s Brazilian) – starting at $75.00

Extra Services

Spa Cuisine Lunch with Services – $25.00



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From Our Clients

I had a wonderful experience at Alexander’s. I have colored my own hair.. and one Mothers Day… when I took my mother for a spa day… I decided to get my hair done. Well I had highlights for the first time. The compliments I received !!! ‘My you look younger!’, ‘Love the color’, and ‘Lighter is better for you’. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the willingness to explain what was being done in a manner that makes change an easy way to go. Thanks everyone!!!!!

Janise Whelan

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