Massage therapy is integral to the maintenance of good health. The history of this long respected healing art dates back thousands of years and spans the globe. The first written records of massage go back 3,000 years to China, although the use of touch to heal and soothe extends to the farthest reaches of human experience. Our work helps to enhance health and prevent illness by improving blood circulation and promoting pain relief and discomfort caused by everyday stress. Our work draws on many methods of massage therapy: Deep Tissue, Phoenix, Aromatherapy, LaStone Therapy, and Pre-Natal. All treatments are finished with hot towels and oil.

Alexander’s Wellness Program
Enjoy your first 1 hr custom massage session for only $59.00 or a 1 hr Dermalogica healthy skin facial session for $59.00,  Enjoy your first 1 hr custom Body Fitness Treatment for $59.00.

Enjoy your first 1 hr custom Body Fitness Treatment which  starts with a Dry Body Brushing that will exfoliate DEAD DRY SKIN. This is followed by a relaxing application of lotion that will hydrate, nourish to encourage body wellness. $59.00

When you sign up for our Wellness Program you will be able to get additional 1 hr massages for $69.00 per massage through the month or a Dermalogica facial for $10.00 more, in any given month. Enhance your health with your Wellness program and enjoy a healthier body, mind and spirit. Gift certificates are available with this program. Prenatal, aroma therapy and stone massage are extra. Call for details.

  • First (1 hr) custom massage *$59.00
  • First (1 hr) Dermalogica facial *$59.00
  • First Wellness Body Fitness Treatment *$59.00

Phoenix Massage (spa hour) – $95.00, (90 minutes) – $135.00
A combination of the soothing Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Technique with emphasis on relieving soreness and tension in specific areas. Finished with hot towels and oil.
Series of 6 (spa 
hour)  – $510.00

Deep Tissue Massage (spa hour) – $100.00, (90 minutes) – $140.00
By using moderate to deep pressure to treat specific muscle groups, this treatment helps to release muscle spasms, tension headaches, and correct repetitive stress syndrome. Finished with hot towels and oil.
Series of 6 (spa hour) – $570.00.

Aromatherapy Body Massage (spa hour) – $110.00
A body Massage using natural and essential oils from herbs and flowers which relieves stress, improves the skin, builds energy, relaxes muscles, nerves, and promotes detoxification. Finished with hot towels and oil.
Series of 6 – $630.00

LaStone Therapy Massage (spa hour) – $110.00
A combination body treatment and massage.  The combination of the heat, aromatherapy oils and strokes makes it special.  Deeply relaxing, relieves stiffness and soreness, restoring energy. Finished with hot towels and oil.
Series of 6 – $630.00

Pre-Natal Massage (spa hour) – $110.00
Beneficial to birth mother and child, the treatment calms the nervous system.  A wonderful way to increase oxygen and nutrition to the womb.  Please inform us as to what stage of pregnancy you are in for proper preparation.  Also, a signed permission slip from your Doctor at the time of your massage is required.

* Note: All series reflect substantial savings and are non-transferable.



Alexander’s Of Annapolis

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Hours Of Operation

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Massage is a language, which speaks of gentleness and connection, trust and receiving, peace, and alertness, efficiency and creativity. Living in a more relaxed and balanced body will enable you to better handle the stresses in your life, and nothing can take you back to that state of well being more quickly than massage.

Massage Benefits

Physical Level

  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
  • Greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Relief from tension-related headaches and eye strain
  • Strengthened immune system and disease prevention

Mental Level

  • Relaxed state of alertness
  • Increased capacity for clearer thinking

Emotional Level

  • Greater feeling of well-being
  • Enhanced self-image
  • Reduced levels of anxiety
From Our Clients

Alexander’s of Annapolis offers more in the way of image creation than one could imagine. During a visit around the Holiday we were purchased a number of beauty products that we gave a gifts, the recipients still mention the quality and how much they appreciated the thought. If it’s a haircut, manicure, massage or any other means of relaxation Alexander’s of Annapolis’ superb staff attends every need.

Dick Rooney

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