Skincare and Makeup

We offer SKIN CARE treatments for both the face and body using Neocutis, Dermalogica and Esthederm products.

Facial Treatments

European Facial (75 Minutes) – $95.00

European Facial, Men (with or without beard) – $95.00
An intensive and most renowned deep ore cleansing treatment. Our own “Customized Enzyme” allows the outer skin to safely shed its upper layers of dead skin cells, while devolving surface impurities and excessive oiliness: A new, fresh, healthy and more even complexion is revealed. This rapid exfoliation face treatment helps purify oily problem skins, and stimulates cellular renewal in dry or aging skins (any extractions are done at this time). Recommended for first time facial clients, or for those who have skin problems.

European Maintenance Facial (4 weeks) – $85.00
Our finest facial, the starting point for professional skin care. Cleansing, light exfoliation, and gentle manual extractions, under steam, leading to a European facial massage and masque therapy. This is followed by a thoroughly relaxing neck and shoulders massage, and a deep penetrating hand treatment. This facial is completed with a protective moisturizing treatment.

Acne Treatment Facial (75 Minutes) – $110.00
This treatment is specifically designed for oily skin. Once your skin has been examined, our Esthetician will apply a purifying and cooling blend of natural oil-absorbing clays containing astringent plant extracts to cleanse the skin in preparation for exfoliation and extractions. A specialty mask is custom blended to rehydrate and nourish the skin. This treatment is an excellent way to relax while restoring the skin to it’s optimum condition.

Repechage Facial (75 Minutes) – $130.00
A unique anti-aging treatment designed to rehydrate, remineralize and rebalance the skin. After your skin has been cleansed, toned, and moisturized, a four-layer mask is applied to exfoliate, rehydrate and nourish the skin. The mask is designed to firm up the facial contour and eliminate tiny lines, leaving the skin with a radiant tone for days. The ultimate facial for the individual that likes to go one step further.

Deluxe Paraffin Facial (75 Minutes) – $125.00
Our Esthetician will examine and deep cleanse your skin using a combination of custom blended products and hot towels. This step prepares your skin for exfoliation, the process of removing all debris and dead skin cells. If needed, extractions will be performed to open clogged pores. Your face, neck, décolleté and arms are then gently massaged to stimulate muscle toning. Paraffin wax is carefully painted onto the facial area. This hydrating treatment is designed to seal in the moisture, resurface and smooth the skin, and refine fine lines. This facial treatment is an instant ‘fix’ for dehydrated skin, and a must for dry, over-stressed skin.

Mini Facial (45 Minutes) – $65.00
Your skin will be examined and then thoroughly cleansed to remove dead skin cells and surface debris. Your skin will be toned and remoisturized, smoothing the skin and refining fine lines. A great way to cleanse, tone and moisturize between European facials, or when time is a consideration.

Back Facial (60 Minutes) – $95.00
The skin on your back will be carefully examined, followed by a custom cleansing using hot towels and specially selected products to prepare for exfoliation. If necessary, extractions will be done to relieve clogged pores. A relaxing back massage tones the muscles and prepares the skin for rehydration. This treatment combines the benefits of rehydration with the luxury of a back massage.

Ear Candling – $85.00
This is a safe, gentle method of removing wax, toxins and debris from the ear canal. Great for cleaning, alleviating the pain and pressure associated with sinusitis, earaches, swimmer’s ear, allergies, middle ear infections and hearing difficulties with natural and holistic treatment by our certified specialist.

Glycolic Acid Treatment – $75.00



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A la Carte Facial Treatments

  • Cyclo Facial (firming) – $125.00
  • White System Facial (whitening treatment) – $125.00
  • Eye Treatment (Cyclo) – $40.00
  • Micro Derm (series of 6-$660.00) – $150.00

Makeup & Colors

  • Make-up Application – $55.00
  • Make-up Lesson – $85.00
  • Eyelash Extensions (Full Application) – $450.00
  • Individual Eyelashes Maintenance – $60.00
  • Teeth Whitening – $199.00
From Our Clients

I had a wonderful experience at Alexander’s. I have colored my own hair.. and one Mothers Day… when I took my mother for a spa day… I decided to get my hair done. Well I had highlights for the first time. The compliments I received !!! ‘My you look younger!’, ‘Love the color’, and ‘Lighter is better for you’. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the willingness to explain what was being done in a manner that makes change an easy way to go. Thanks everyone!!!!!

Janise Whelan

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